Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fairy Tale Town

Today we went to Fairy Tale Town with our Hearts of Hope support group and had a great time! We had 16 families (I think), which is the largest turnout we've had so far. Fairy Tale Town donated the passes to our group and gave us a discount on the lunches that HOH provided for everyone. The kids had lots of fun playing, climbing and sliding. And there was media coverage which is great for getting the word out to other families.

Here is a link to my interview with KFBK, a local news radio station. I actually haven't heard it yet, but I hear it was a good piece.

There was also a short story on the Channel 10 news at 5:00.

The most exciting part for me was watching Drew run around and climb the stairs by himself, without having to stop because he was breathing so heavy. This is still new and amazing to me since his last surgery. He went up the Owl slide 8 times in a row without getting tired! And he didn't spend any time in the stroller the whole time we were there. I am so grateful that his surgery was such a success!


Katie Scott said...

What a great video clip! I loved hearing Drew's little voice saying that he was brave because he had heart surgery! So sweet! I am so glad that you have this support group.

Allison said...

Man I wish I could have made it! I am so upset we missed it! This morning I found out that I indeed had to report for Jury duty:( & lucky me I was selected as a juror in the trial:(
I hope the families get together again soon because I am so anxious to meet all of the little ones!

Lori C said...

This is so precious and I love all the "first time" moments you're experiencing with Drew! It's so heart-warming to see his strength continue to grow, and yours too!

Miss you -- hope we can get together soon.

Love, Lori

Beth Whitney said...

Great interview! I coundn't find the one on news 10, but loved the KFBK one! :) Good job, momma!!

Lexi said...

Wow this is amazing news Andrea!!!! We are so grateful:) Pray for you guys every night!

Valerie said...

I noticed Drew and his new founded energy! Youa re going to ahve a hard time keeping up with him.

I asked Carl and the News 10 clip with you and Gina talking was one before the news actually aired, then it sounds like they didn't show it. Oh well, you all were excellent!

Anonymous said...

One Step closer to Oprah..
Love, AL

Molly said...

How encouraging to hear how well Drew is doing after everything he and your family have been through in the last couple of monthes. God is good!

Kathy said...

OH my...I wish we were there!
I need to find out if there's a support group here....hmmmm.
What wonderful news it is that Drew can be a wild man out!!!

Anonymous said...

Great video clip Andrea. I love hearing Drew proclaiming what a brave boy he is. Groups like this are so great and so needed. I too hope it gets the word out to other parents who need you

Laura said...

that is the CUTEST statement ever made by a 4 year old! the interview was great, and i'm glad that you and drew have such an amazing support group to rely on.