Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cardiology Checkup

Yesterday was Drew's cardiology check up with Dr. Parrish. He had an echo and did great. We always have Dina do the echo and she is so good with Drew! She has a little stash of prizes for the kids and he always picks a lizard. He also brought his Veggie Tales DVD and watched that during the echo. She was looking at his heart and saying it was amazing what the surgeons did. His O2 was an awesome 99%! Dr. Parrish says he's very pleased with Drew's heart function and that we can try to decrease the diuretics again. So we're back to lasix and aldactone once a day. I am suppose to call him in a week and let him know how Drew is doing. And our next appointment is not for 3 months!

Thursday is our next big appointment day with two appointments. First we have the dentist at 8:30 (don't worry, I remembered to get Drew's antibiotics this time), then we head out to San Francisco for his immunology appointment at 1:00. Should be a busy day!

Drew during his echo

Drew and Dr. Parrish


Kate said...

sweet! did you tell dina congratulations on her engagement to hugo?

Jennifer Herring said...

Sounds like an amazingly wonderful appointment!!!

Grandma said...

Aunt Marie had an echo on the same day. Glad they both did well! Dr.Parrish looks just like I remember him, so kind.

Love, Mom

The Portas said...

Oh how awesome for such a good cardiology check! This is great news. 99% sats, wow!

I love the Veggie Tales shirt. :)