Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Drew went to the dentist today. This is only the third time he's been and he did pretty well. He was definitely not excited to go and really not excited to have x-rays. There was some whining and crying, but he was able to do it. Then he had his teeth cleaned. Our dentist's office is so awesome! They have movies on the walls and on screens in the ceiling so the kids can watch while they are laying down having their cleaning. Anyway, there was more whining and crying, but I can't blame him. The poor kid is scared of anything medical now. But he always does what he has to do and I tell him that is what being brave is. He again used his deep breathing technique to calm himself down and I am so glad that he has a way to soothe himself. After the exam by Dr. Jeff, Drew got lots of prizes! He ended up with two inflatable animals, a bunch of stickers and a bunch of plastic dinosaurs from the treasure chest. I took a bunch of pictures, but you'd never guess he was unhappy from looking at them. What a trooper!

The oven's beeping at me (dinner's ready!) so I have to go, but I have a long night ahead of me of making cupcakes for Drew's class tomorrow and doing some work for his birthday party on Friday.

In the lobby

Playing a video game in the interior waiting area

On the special chair after his cleaning

Drew with all his loot!


Molly said...

What a brave boy! I'm impressed he could stay so calm considering the impression he must have of medical personnel! And Happy Birthday Drew!

Kathy said...

That dentist office looks like a BLAST...Glad that you BOTH made it with minimal amounts of tears!
Yes...Happy Birthday Drew!!!

Mom said...

Wow, and I thought Dr. Singer's office (your pediatric dentist)was fun for kids but this place is fantastic. Too bad he had to actually have dental stuff done, otherwise he'd be begging to go there. So glad he got all that loot, he deserves it! Grandpa LOVES the picture in the dental chair.

Leslie said...

man, all i got from my dentist was a mini thing of glide floss. i should see if my insurance covers peds dentists! :) little guy looks remarkably happy to be there; good choice on offices. and good mommy for taking pics!

Isabelle's Mommy said...

Wow that place looks awesome! Can I go there when I need to go to the dentist??

Jennifer Herring said...

Wow! I want to know who your dentist is!

Allison said...

He is such a cute little guy, I love looking at his pictures, he seems so happy!