Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Big 3-0

Yesterday my mom called to remind me that it was the last day I would ever be 29. Actually it was the last day I'd ever be 20-anything. I guess that makes it official. I am a grown-up. I don't really have a problem with being 30, it just doesn't seem right. How can I be 30 when I feel the same as I did when I was 18? Granted, my life is different, I have responsibilities, degrees, relationships, children. But inside my head I'm still 18.

This week I got myself a sassy new haircut, a sassy new red coat, and perhaps a bit of a sassy new attitude. I want to say, yes I'm 30, but by no means am I old! In fact, yesterday Dan took me to a wonderful birthday dinner at Slocum House and the waiter asked me "would you like more water ma'am?" to which I replied, "yes I would, but please call me miss!" Poor guy was scared of me the rest of the night! The food was so yummy though! We chose the tasting menu with wine pairings and tasted almost everything on the menu. It was so good!

This morning Dan and Ava brought me breakfast in bed (Drew was still sleeping). And tonight I'm going out to dinner (and maybe a little dancing) with just the ladies. Since Dan is also turning 30 this year we decided to forgo gifts and take a trip instead. We are hoping to go to Hawaii alone this summer.

For those of you out there in the blogosphere who have reached this milestone before me, please tell me why you love being in your 30s. Everyone says their 30s are better than their 20s so I'm curious to know why. I've been pretty happy up until now, so I guess it's good to think that it will only get better!

Best Husband Ever!

Sassy red coat

Breakfast in bed with Ava


Valerie said...

You are a amazing young woman. Have a great night out with your girlfriends and b-t-w, love the coat and "new do".

I am off to the Peds Heart Reunion!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Andrea! I stepped fully into my 30's this month as well, turning 31 on the 16th. Can't say it's any different as of yet. I still feel like I'm still 18 too! :)


Lexi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have an amazing day:)

Meredith said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRE!!!! You look so cute and I LOVE the Slocum House. I totally miss brunch there :(

As for my 30s, I think they are soooo much better. Now I have a husband, a cute kid, and am not so insecure as I was in my 20s! I think you just get more sure of yourself as you get older...and tend to care less what people think :)

Have an awesome day!

Isabelle's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Love the sassi new do and clothes! Can't wait to celebrate with you!!!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie! I'm expecting you to live up the 30s so that you can tell me how glorious they are once I get there. :)

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Andrea! You are far from being old. I love the new haircut and that sassy red coat. Gotta get me one! I am so jealous that your going to Hawaii...maybe one day I can go to. Hope you have a good night out with the ladies!

Molly said...

Happy Birthday Andrea. I can definitely tell you why I think my 30's are better than my 20's... more self confidence and a thicker skin. Basically I care less what others think, and that's very freeing! Besides... you still look like you're in your 20's!

Anonymous said...

zaHappy birthday sister! I love you!!! =)



Anne Marie said...

Happy B-Day, Dre! Have fun with the ladies tonite- drink a Rita for me :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Andrea Lynne!
Love the dress, the coat, the Slocum House and REALLY love the new hairdo.

Glad you're having such a nice birthday, you deserve it!

Love, Mom and Dad

Kate said...

hey sista, i'm sure you're having fun karaoke-ing right now. sorry i pooped out early. THAT is what the 30's are really like. just kidding. you looked even lovelier than usual and i'm so glad you had a fun time celebrating this greatest of days. i always knew i loved february 23rd, i just didn't know why...

i was one of the ones really looking forward to the big number thirty. i still feel just as young and silly as ever, but i don't worry about it like i used to. i think it really just feels like i'm more "me" now, compared to my twenties. and i like that! i know i'm excited for you too, as twenties andrea was awesome, thirties andrea can only be that much better! love!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea
I had a great time with you last night. I always seem to laugh even harder than normal when I am out with all of my girls from church!!
I would have to say a "ditto" with Amy on why it is better now rather than the 20's. Life seems to just flow so much easier. I have a much closer relationship with God and others for that matter. My connections with people seem to be on a deeper level than what they were in my early 20's. Like I said before welcome to the club baby and it is a pretty cool club at that.

Allison said...

You look so good! Happy Birthday!