Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bad Mood

I'm in a mood. And its not a good one.

You would think that with the quarantine and complete house arrest we've been under there would be no possible way my kids could get sick. But you would be wrong.

It appears that Ava has a cold. I know, its not the end of the world, but I am trying my hardest to avoid group activities & to keep everyone covered in purell, and for what? Why am I avoiding the fun things that we like to do if some rogue germs are just going to get us anyway? And how am I possibly going to keep Drew from getting whatever she has? I give up!


Izabell said...

do you think she could have allergies maybe? if you haven't been around people but outside maybe it is not a cold and just allergies? Izzy has allergies, they are no fun and seem a lot like a cold. we hope that drew stays cold free and that she is feeling better soon!

your beloved said...

we will continue to de-funk-tify the situation with you-know-what tomorrow night, no matter what Dr. A says. as sweet and cute as your kids are, it's okay to want a break from them too. ESPECIALLY after all being trapped in the house for a week! little red-nose will be better soon too. love you.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya girl. I have been keeping Ramona under very tight wraps, but Simon picked something up somewhere and now she's got it too (and so do Andy and I). Not only am I frustrated, I'm terrified. What if it gets in her lungs, what if she can't stop crying? Ugh. AND, I've been warning all our family not to come to Simon's party tomorrow if they're sick and now MY kids are going to be the little germ buffets infecting everyone else.

Man, oh man,

Jane, Ramona's mom

Meredith said...

I hear ya Dre, no matter how much you keep them away from other kiddies the germs just seem to find their way in! Brendan has a horrid runny noise that could be allergies started after an afternoon playing in the grass. Or Ava could be getting more teeth too, you never know. Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Aww im sorry sister. i hope Ava feels better, and i hope Drew doesnt catch whatever she has. i love you alllll