Sunday, April 1, 2007

My random thoughts

Well, we're all feeling better and eager to get out of the house! We've spent the last couple of days going to the park and playing outside. One of Drew's new favorite outdoor activities is looking for ladybugs. He's so cute. When he sees one he usually tells me what it's doing. "Look Mommy, it's under the leaf. That's silly." Ava seems to enjoy our outdoor time too. When Drew was a baby he hated to touch the grass. If we put him down he'd stay in one spot, not moving. Ava doesn't seem to mind it and walks around on the lawn looking for tasty leaves.

With our new "no big groups of kids" rule we had to figure out how to do church this morning. We were both working in the children's church so our kids had to be with us. We decided to keep Drew with me and the infants (they are less mobile and less able to spread germs) and set him up with the portable DVD player. It worked great! He sat quietly watching Cars during the entire service.

While I was in the nursery I overheard some other moms talking about how hard it is to take their babies to get their immunizations. This is not the first time I've heard this complaint or the first time it bothered me. It's not that I wish they had to endure the kind of hospital procedures that we have, or that I'm just cold hearted. I think that I am a little jealous. I wish I could be a "normal" mom and that the worst thing I had to worry about was a quick shot for my kids. I think I was especially sensitive this week because of the horrendous experience we just had with getting an IV in.

I am also preoccupied with concern about Riley, a sweet little boy we know who is going through an incredibly difficult hospitalization right now. His poor family is having the kind of experience we heart families have nightmares about. I find myself thinking about him and his family and checking his blog many times a day. I wish there was something I could do to help them, but having been in a similar situation I know nothing will help until they have him home safely again. Please keep his family in your prayers.


Anonymous said...


I too have been thinking a lot about Riley and his family. What a heart breaking turn of events. Hoping for them and thinking about you and yours today too...

Jane, Ramona's mom

leslie. said...

I love that drew's so observant of the little bugs! Keep posting those pictures, girlie, your children are simply adorable. Some friends of mine just set up a tent in the backyard, a sheet on the back of the house, and projected a movie for the kids to watch outside. Might be fun? Just trying to think of little ideas for ya.