Thursday, April 26, 2007

Feeling Better

I had two days of crying plus a lot of prayer and I am feeling a lot better today.

I have the best husband ever! After being gone for four days in New York I returned home and was a total wreck. I couldn't cook, I couldn't clean, I could barely care for the children. And he just kept right on truckin'. He made dinners, cleaned up and helped so much with the kids. And when I called home crying, saying I was sorry I couldn't be a good mom and wife right now, he just said "What are you talking about? Don't even say that." I love him so much. God really gave me the perfect partner in Dan.

Today we have been busy. I think that is the key to my sanity. If I don't have time to sit and think I will be ok. This morning we had gymboree preschool. The only reason Drew goes to gymboree preschool is it is the first class of the day--everything is clean. And, there are only two other kids in his class, limiting our exposure to germs. And I get 45 minutes to go to Starbucks or Target or read a magazine by myself. After gymboree Drew had his first day of school! OK, so its adaptive PE held at the elementary school that he will be going to eventually and its only for a half hour, but still! He went by himself with the teacher and I had to sit and wait for him in the office. Then we came home where a friend joined us for a picnic lunch in the sunshine. I've also resumed some of my normal household duties and I'm starting to think maybe I could use cleaning as something I can control. I will throw myself into keeping a clean house and it will be spotless because I will be in charge! A nice change from Drew's health where I can only pretend to be in charge.

I talked to someone from UCSF yesterday about how to prepare Drew for his cath on Tuesday. She said to play with our doctor kit, read Franklin Goes to the Hospital, and tell him on Monday that we'll be going to the hospital. She also told me to let him help pick what to pack in his suitcase, and let him bring special pillows, blankets, or toys. And a DVD player with his favorite movie. We'll be able to stay with him until he is asleep and be with him when he wakes up. I am feeling better about the whole process and I am looking forward to having it behind us. It will be good to know when surgery will be so that we can plan other things. For example, we have two weddings and three graduations (including my own) during a two-week time span in the beginning of June. It will be nice to know if we'll be able to attend any or all of these events.


kate! said...

yay! i'm so glad you're feeling better andrea! it's great that you got to talk to that ucsf lady so you have some definite techniques to focus on for the next few days. i only have one problem with your post, and that's about the cleaning. i'm glad it makes you feel good but you know cleaning makes me nervous. so i'll just bring over my headphones and eyemask when we hang out and you can gently wake me when cleaning time is over. love!

Mike & Susie Jensen said...

Hi Andrea,

My name is Susie Jensen and I found your blog from Sophia's blog. I have a DiGeorge baby that has Tetraology of Fallot. Our blog is if you're ever looking for extra reading material. ha ha

I have enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know your famiy. Your kids are absolutely adorable and you guys are so strong through all of this, it truly is inspiring. (Yes, even during your post-vacation meltdown. I loved that post, by the way. ha ha) I did love your NYC pics, especially since this is one of my favorite vacation destinations, as well. And I'm so glad you got to go with your girlfriends. What a reality escape. And it sounds like your husband is such a support. That is very helpful. I have a "keeper" myself.

I am feeling your pain though since we too have a heart cath coming up in early May and heart surgery scheduled a few weeks later for May 29. It's very surreal and I sometimes wonder if I'm really living this or if it's just a strange dream. I definitely can relate to your worries and anxieties and concerns. It's interesting reading your blog because it sounds like my own feelings. I stress daily about the immune system issues, since we have 3 older girls that are all in school, bringing home everything under the sun. So far we have been very blessed, knocking on wood.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and thanks for blogging. It's such a support to Moms like me and I look at 3 yr old Drew and then look at my 10 month old Brynlyn and pray to God that she will make it to "3" one day.

God bless. Have a great night,


Katie said...

Andrea--You are such a trooper! I love reading your updates. We are praying for all of you guys. We love you and that little guys of yours!