Saturday, April 28, 2007

Heart Catheterization on Tuesday

We received a call from the doctors at UCSF yesterday. Drew's heart catheterization is set for Tuesday, May 1st. They changed our appointment so that we would be the first case of the day. So we will be in admitting at 6:45 am. We will be spending Monday night with my cousin in Oakland, and Heather will be taking Ava to work with her Tuesday morning. Drew is not to have food or drink after midnight, but he can have clear liquids until 6 am. We are also to discontinue his lisinopril Monday night, but not skip any calcium doses. Since he is the first case of the day it is more likely that we won't have to spend Tuesday night in the hospital but we'll be packing pjs just in case. I also asked about recovery time and the Dr said that Drew should be back to normal the next day.

Since this blog is intended to contain updates on our family, but seems to be more about my mental health lately, I thought I would at least post some pictures of the kids from our trip to the zoo on Friday.

My little 'roos

Drew and his buddies driving the dump truck

Ava running through the zoo

Ava just kicking back in her stroller


kate said...

well, it's no good to have to get up extra-early, but it's good that it'll be out of the way as soon as possible so drewster (and you and dan!) can be recuperating. the doggies will be well cared for and i promise to fill up your house with love and prayers to greet you when you get home!

Jessica said...

I'm thinking of you today.
Love you!