Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am going to Haiti!

Sanctuary praying over our Haiti Team

A team from my church is going to be making a trip to Port au Prince to work with Child Hope International at the Maison de Lumiere Orphanage. I have been praying about it since I first heard about the trip in January and felt that God was leading me to go. Once we had our team assembled, we began meeting every couple of weeks to prepare for our trip. There were many details to be attended to: airfare and travel accommodations for 13 team members, deciding what supplies to collect and bring, discussing what kinds of projects we might be interested in doing while we are there, fundraising, making sure everyone gets the appropriate vaccinations and prescriptions before we go, and lots of prayer.

This week we got together and held our packing party. We are each bringing one suitcase of our own belongings and one bag full of supplies to be donated to the orphanage. We had to meet weight and size limitations so we brought everything over to one house and got everything packed, tagged and documented.

Ann loading up a very large bag
Dawnelle and Pam distributing supplies to the many bags
Once packed, the bags were tagged and inventoried
More tagging

Here is a picture of our team, all packed and ready to go. Would you be praying for us as we go? We leave on Friday. We will be posting updates at http://www.esperehaiti.blogspot.com/

Sanctuary 2011 Haiti Team

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