Saturday, October 2, 2010

Apple Hill Field Trip

Drew gets out of school early on Thursdays, so when Faye mentioned a fun homeschool field trip she was going on, I thought about taking Drew out at lunch time so we could go too! He only missed about an hour of school so we did it! We took the kids up to Apple Hill so they could pick their own apples and make apple pies out of them. It was a very warm day for apple picking, but still a neat experience.

Of course, first we had to pet and feed the farm animals. Both my kids love to see the animals when we go up to Apple Hill. These llamas and goats were very friendly and hungry!

When we went out into the orchard to pick apples, Ava had a hard time finding "perfect" apples. She didn't want to pick just any old apple and we were the last ones to finish picking. Drew on the other hand was pretty independant and just chose his apples on his own.

After we picked our apples, it was time to head back to the kitchen to start making our apple pies. This was such a fun project for the kids, and a good lesson in letting them have experiences, even messy ones, for me. I had to resist the urge to "help" roll out the dough and keep the flour from getting everywhere. And it got EVERYWHERE!
First, we rolled out the dough for the pie crust.

Then we filled the crust with the apples that we just picked.
Finally, we rolled another pie crust for the top. While the pies baked the kids also got to make cookies with the leftover dough. Overall it was a very fun experience, and educational as well! Thank you Faye for inviting us!
Ava with some apples
YUM! The kids with their finished pies. They were delicious!

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