Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's our anniversary!

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary!

That seems like a big number to me, but it also doesn't seem like we've been married for very long at all. I guess that is a good thing?

We spent the day living our normal lives...I took Drew and Ava to school and volunteered in Drew's classroom, Dan worked from home. We had soccer practice for both kids in the evening and had no running water during the day due to some plumbing issues that we had someone working on. But, we did to get to go out to lunch (with Ava) and we put the kids to bed and had dinner by ourselves-I made Dan's favorite enchiladas. We also broke out our wedding album for the first time in years and showed the kids pictures from our wedding day. It was fun to look back at the photos with them. And even though the day was busy and there wasn't a whole lot of alone time, it was perfect. It's the stage of life that we're in and we love the family that we've created. We have a great marriage and I think part of that is choosing to live in the moment and enjoy the time we do get to spend together--even if it's on the soccer field!

I love my husband and I thank God for choosing me to be his wife. How did I get so lucky?


JABBY said...

awww :) sounds like a typical anniversary for this crazy life we're all leading with small kids! you guys deserve each other-i think you're both pretty great!
love ya!

Frizzy and Bird said...

I'm sorry I'm late wishing you well. Congratulations on your anniversary.