Saturday, October 30, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Last night was our family pumpkin carving night. The kids were so looking forward to it! All day long they reminded us that "we're carving pumpkins tonight!" I have to admit, I always think I'm going to enjoy this event more than I actually do. I don't particularly enjoy scooping out the guts, but Dan really doesn't like it so it's usually my job. Every year I get each member of the family a pumpkin, but the kids still can't really carve their own yet, so it means Dan and I each carve two. But, like many traditions, we do it because the kids love it. And I do enjoy choosing a design and carving ONE pumpkin...

This year we shared with the kids about how making a jack o'lantern is like what happens when we invite Jesus into our hearts. He picks us up and cleanses us from our sins, He scoops out the yucky stuff inside of us (doubt, hate, selfishness) and replaces it with His light that shines for everyone to see.

Dan and Drew getting ready to carve

Ava and Mommy cutting off the top
Ava loved scooping out the seeds
Drew did a good job scooping too
Ava Drew her own face and helped carve it
My hand was hurting on my second pumpkin and I was carving ghosts, so the kids helped me by making ghost sounds "whooooo"
Our finished jack o'lanterns-Ava's happy face, my ghosts, Drew's scary skull and Dan's happy face
The kids with their pumpkins

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The Rietkerk's said...

I love your interpretation of carving pumpkins. We will definitely have to use that. They turned out awesome, you guys are skilled carvers!!