Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pumpkin Pies

Ava decided that she wanted to use her pumpkin from the pumpkin patch to make pumpkin pie. It ended up being a two day process. First she scooped the guts out (and saved the seeds so we could roast them). Then I baked the halves in the oven until the flesh was tender enough to scoop out. We pureed the pulp until it was smooth. Then the next day Ava helped me make a pie crust and we added all the ingredients to make the pumpkin pie filling. It was a success! Both kids loved the homemade pumpkin pie! And Ava is such a good helper in the kitchen. She is always wanting to help me cook. I love that girl!

Scooping out the guts

Ready to go in the oven

The finished pie

Ava ready to eat her pie!

Drew loves it too!

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