Friday, October 22, 2010

Fruit Loops Last Game

Tonight was Ava's last soccer game of the season and team party. It's all she's been talking about all week. She's been so excited for her "trophy party" and she's been counting down the days until she gets her trophy. She's had a lot of fun playing on the Fruit Loops with her Daddy as coach. I think she's even learned a little bit about the game of soccer. She seems to prefer practices to games, she really likes when they play Sharks and Minnows and will sometimes cry during the game if her coach (Dan) puts her in back to back quarters. She wants to play one quarter and rest one quarter. She also prefers to play defense. At least she knows what she wants. :) Of course, like most of the other under 6 players, the highlight of each game for her is the half time snack, the after game snack, and the player tunnel after the game. 

Tonight's game was fun and the Fruit Loops played a great game. We don't technically keep score, but our team was really good, and if scores had been kept I believe we would have won all of our games except for 1 or 2. These 4 and 5-year olds were really good at passing the ball and spreading out on the field. It must have been their excellent coaching. :)

After the game in the rain, we headed over to Round Table for our pizza party. The kids had a great time eating pizza, playing games and of course, getting their trophies! Dan presented each child with a trophy as well as a candy award. Ava got the "Wild" Berry Skittles because of her wild personality on the field. That sounds like my girl! We ended the celebration with a trip to Lickey Split for some ice cream. Fun times!

Keilani, Catie and Ava on the sidelines

Ava (18) running after the ball

The Fruit Loops are ready to get their trophies

Ava with Coach Dan and her trophy
Excellent Coaches: Dan and Jeff

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