Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drew's Birthday Party

Drew had a couple of birthday celebrations. The first one was on Saturday. He had a pizza party with a bunch of his buddies. We met at Godfather’s pizza and they played games in the arcade and then ate lots of pizza. We had a Batman theme, so I made a Batman cake and cupcakes, plus we gave out Batman party favors. I think the boys had a lot of fun!

Drew with his Batman cakes

Jacob, Drew and Jacob

Eben, Tommy and Jonah

The little sisters-Abby, Keilani and Ava

Colin, Connor and Jack

Opening some presents


Drew and his best friend at school, Alex

Singing Happy Birthday

Drew with Mom and Dad

Afterwards we invited two of his best buds over for a sleepover. They were all so excited! Drew really wanted to play Wii with his friends so that’s what they did until about 8:30. Then they got ready for bed. The three of them slept in a row on his bedroom floor, and after about an hour of talking and laughing they all fell asleep. I think they did great! In the morning they played with some of Drew’s presents before we had a yummy breakfast of pancakes, sausage and fruit. We got everyone ready for church and even made it there on time. We passed Eben and Jacob off to their parents, and our first multi-kid sleepover was a success!

The boys were mesmerized by the Wii

Playing Super Mario Brothers

Jacob, Drew and Eben

Ready for bed

Birthday breakfast

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