Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 2 of our Cabin Trip

Our second day in the snow, we decided to try out Soda Springs. They have a really cool program for kids. They have a small hill with carpet lifts where you can teach your kids to ski or snowboard. They also have a tubing hill with a lift and a tube carousel, plus a mountain of snow the kids can climb on. You can play here all day for $25 per kid, and that includes equipment rental. For an extra $25 you can buy a private one-hour lesson. And if the instructors are not busy with a lesson, they will offer tips and advice for teaching your kids. It was awesome!

Ava decided that she wanted to try skiiing. So we got her all set up with the skis. She was a little timid at first and didn't want us to let go of her. But she quickly changed from yelling "don't let go!" to yelling "You wait at the bottom!" She did great and it was so fun to see her little pink self shooting down the mountain. We tried to teach her to make a pizza, and by the end of the day she was pretty good and slowing down and coming to a stop.

We learned from the instructors that we should be letting Drew point his snowboard down the hill and then teach him to turn his board and lift his toes to stop. We had been teaching him to plow first, so that seemed to really help. I was surprised at how brave he was, it seemed scary to me! By the end of the day he was getting much better at turning to stop and he was really enjoying snowboarding!

This place was so perfect, because when they got tired of skiing or snowboarding, they could go do something else for a while but they could still come back to try again later. We took a break after a while and did some tubing, where we really appreciated the carpet lift-no dragging the tube back up the hill! We packed lunches and ate at the little picnic area there, then the kids relaxed on the tube carousel. I was surprised how much they enjoyed it, it seemed a little boring to me, but they could not get enough! After a while we did a little more skiing and snowboarding before heading back to the cabin. Both kids wanted to come back the next day!

We headed home and got the kids warmed up in the bath and prepared dinner. They snuggled under a blanket by the fire and watched a Veggie Tales movie. We also played some chutes and ladders and high ho cherry-o. It was a really fun family day.

Ava all ready to ski

Drew snowboarding

The kids tubing

Holding hands

Ava on the carousel

Drew on the carousel

relaxing by the fire


Drew snowboarding in the morning

Ava skiing in the morning

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