Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 3 of our Cabin Trip

Our third day in the snow was just as awesome as the first two. The kids were so excited to go skiing and boarding again! Did I mention how beautiful the weather was the whole week? It was amazing--blue skies, warm enough to go without a jacket, just gorgeous!

We decided to hit up Soda Springs again since we had such a great time the day before. We got each kid a private lesson right away, so that they could build on the lesson the rest of the day. Not only did they improve each day, but they were really enjoying it, and that's what we cared about most. We had another awesome day of riding, tubing, and carouseling. After our day on the mountain we went to the spa at the clubhouse and warmed up there. And after that, we went out to a yummy pizza place for dinner. Both kids were pretty exhausted so we put them right to bed when we got home and then we watched some more Olympics.

We were planning to leave the next day, but we were thinking we could squeeze just one more day of boarding/skiing in. We were going to pack up in the morning, then hit the slopes one more time before driving home to Sacramento. However, Drew woke up in the morning looking like this.

The puffiest face you ever saw!

Poor little guy. I admit, I freaked out a little. Head swelling can be a sign of heart failure. BUT, he seemed fine except for his swollen face. In fact, he didn't understand why we couldn't go back on the mountain. I called the advice nurse and she said they'd see us as soon as we could get back into town. So we packed up and headed home right away. He ended up having solar urticaria...apparently it's an allergic reaction to the sun. I don't fully understand it, but his face was swollen for 4-5 days and he hasn't had a problem before or since then. I hope we never see that swollen face again!

Ava riding up the carpet lift

Ava skiing down all by herself!

King of the Mountain!

I love this picture!



Our fun family!

Drew shredding!

Ava wanted to ride up by herself...she needed help once she got there though

Dan and Drew going up

Climbing up the mountain

And, it's time to go home.

Last snowboarding video of the day


Kate said...

oh my gosh, they did a great job; so much improvement from the day before. they look like adorable little miniatures skiing and snowboarding!

Kate said...

oh yeah and the pic of them together is really cute, and i also forgot how puffy drew's face got!

The Portas said...

I absolutely loved reading through these last three posts about your skiing/snowboarding/cabin trip. FUN!! This is the sort of thing I'm excited to do with Elijah someday soon. I'm so glad you guys take the opportunity to do things like this. I'm glad you had such a great time. The pictures and videos are GREAT!!!