Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cabin Trip 2010

Right after all of our Valentine's Day festivities, we took the kids up to Truckee for a vacation. Drew gets a week off of school for "President's Week." When I was a kid we only got one day, but we were happy to have the week off and made plans to rent a cabin during the week. Dan and I have been wanting to get the kids up to the snow to try to teach them to snowboard or ski for a while now, so it was the perfect opportunity!

We got up to the cabin on Monday afternoon. It was too late to get any snowboarding in, so we just unpacked and got settled in. We took a walk around the cabin to scout for some sledding spots. Drew got really tired after just a little while so I took him back to the cabin and Dan and Ava kept walking. He had me worried that night because when we got back he complained of a headache and then fell asleep on me, and it was only 5:30. Very unlike him. He slept through dinner, but finally woke up around 8:30 and ate something before going to bed for the night. I was worried about altitude sickness, but his breathing and color seemed fine and I didn't want to pack up and head down the hill. He seemed fine the rest of the trip. After we got back I did talk to his cardiologist and he said it might have been a little altitude sickness and that if we are concerned about it next time he could prescribe something that would help.

The next morning we got up and got ready for some snowboarding! Drew was very excited to use all of his equipment. We bought him a board and helmet last year (never had a chance to use it) and this year we got him some boots and goggles. He was all set! We thought Ava wasn't old enough to try snowboarding and didn't know if we could find a board and boots that would fit her anyway, so we planned to just play in the snow with her while Drew practiced. We went to Donner that day (only $5 for a kids lift ticket) and just walked up the hill to practice with Drew. He did pretty good for his first day and seemed to enjoy it. We took a break for lunch and then went to build a snowman, which is something Ava really wanted to do. After lunch we did a little more snowboarding and Drew had his first (and only) ride on the chair lift and then the magic carpet. After about another hour we stopped for the day so that we could go tubing. The kids had so much fun and really tired themselves out!

When we got back to the cabin we had baths and hot chocolate and then went out to a yummy Mexican dinner. After dinner we got the kids in bed and Dan and I enjoyed watching the Olympics, including the amazing and inspirational Shaun White, who is also a CHD survivor. We all went to bed tired and ready for another fun day in the snow.

Daddy and Drew ready to do some boarding

Drew is all ready to go

Nice form!

Ava is such a cute snowbunny!

Drew's first ride on the chair lift

Building a snowman

Magic carpet ride

Ava's crazy hair at the end of the day

Drew after a long day of snowboarding

He still has energy for tubing though!

One of Drew's first attempts


Kate said...

aw, cute pics; ava's hair is rad. and your new banner pic is really sweet too! did dee take it?

wv: slumance. if i'd seen slumdog millionaire i'm sure i could think of a joke for that.

Linda said...

What an amazing family outing and what great memories you are creating!