Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Star of the Week

The week of November 30th, Drew was Star of the Week in his classroom. When it’s your turn to be the star you get to make a poster all about you and share it with the class. You also get to bring in one item to share each day of the week, and be the line leader every day. And, you get to bring home a mascot. Drew choose to bring the tiger mascot home and he just happened to be with us when we went to pick our Christmas tree.

Drew helped me put his poster together by telling me all his favorite things and by choosing which pictures he wanted to include. We made it pretty basic, but it turned out nicely and he was happy to bring it to school on Monday.

Drew and his teacher Mrs. Geddes

The items he wanted to share were: His favorite book-Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Encyclopedia, a monster truck my mom got him, his big red t-rex that Santa brought, his soccer trophy and his surgery scrapbook.

Some entries from his poster:
Things I like: hotwheels, riding my bike, playing sports
Things I don’t like: getting time-outs
When I grow up: I want to be a fireman or policeman or race car driver or worker
I’m really very good at: baseball, soccer, basketball

In my free time I like to: play games, color, watch movies, read books, play with my dogs

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