Tuesday, December 15, 2009

8th Annual Himmelberger Christmas Party

Welcome to our party!

The second weekend in December, Dan and I hosted our 8th annual Christmas party. I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for eight years! Our lives have changed so much since we started doing this. We’ve moved twice, adopted pets, changed jobs, and had children. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our amazing friends. And we love to celebrate with them every year!

This year we had about 25-30 people in our little house. We ate artichoke dip, Hawaiian meatballs, jalapeno cream cheese dip, and some Costco appetizers (thank you Costco!), as well as some tuxedo brownie bites, jam filled cookies and peppermint cookies. The atmosphere was festive as we drank our sparkling stars and pomegranate sippers. I’m filled with holiday spirit just thinking about it!

We had a great time doing the ornament exchange with everyone. This year there was some added fun as alliances were made and deals and exchanges took place as everyone tried to take home their favorite ornament! I know I didn’t get pictures of everyone or every ornament but here are some fun ones from the evening.

Thank you to everyone for coming and celebrating with us. We hope to see you again next year!

Everyone admiring Jen's nativity ornament

Party people!

Matthew and Siri with a very popular ornament, hand-crafted by Peter. A golf ball snowman holding a bottle of Patron!

Friends from far away joined the party! Pete and Jen and Leslie and Jamie

Danielle loved this Yoda ornament

Wes got to go home with this snowboarding pig

Donovan and Jennifer displaying their "frozen" ornaments

Leslie and another hand-crafted ornament, this one is made by Kate

Cute coordinating couple, Rob and Danielle


The Portas said...

SUPER fun!! What a great idea!

Kate said...

i missed this one too, and that's a very... diplomatic... view of the ornament i made ;-)

i had a great time, as did everyone in attendance!