Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Performances

December has brought many opportunities for performing!

First was Ava’s gymnastics performance (which I almost forgot about, Bad Mommy!). It’s not so much a performance or routine as much as a chance to invite people to come to class and let the students show off their skills. Dan and I attended Ava’s performance and she was pleased that Daddy got to come and watch her. She did a great job demonstrating all of her skills, including various rolls, her bar techniques and trampoline jumps. Afterwards there was a visit from Rudolph. Ava wasn’t so excited to see him, but happily took the candy cane that he offered her.

Next on our December performance schedule was Ava’s Christmas sing called Cookies and Carols at her preschool. Each class in the school practices a couple of Christmas songs and then they take turns singing them on stage. Ava was doing great practicing at home and always won when she and I played “who can sing the song the loudest?” But, performance anxiety struck on the night of Cookies and Carols. She did sing on stage, but very, very quietly and with no hand motions. Maybe next year!

Our final performance was Drew’s Holiday Sing at his school. It was on Friday morning, the last day of class before Christmas vacation and it was Pajama Day! His kindergarten performance was short and not very well rehearsed and had low attendance. I think the parents of the older kids had learned that this particular event might not be worth the hassle of finding a parking spot and a chair in the very small multipurpose room. BUT, Drew said that he wanted us there and so we were happy to come and watch him. His class wandered around in circles and periodically raised their hands in a “dance” to a song called “Hot Chocolate.” Even if it wasn’t Broadway caliber, he still looked cute dancing in his Christmas jammies with his buddies from school.

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Kate said...

i never saw this post before... maybe it's one you pre-worked on? i think bloglines doesn't like that. anyway, cute performances, and i can understand ava's reticence. that reindeer is frickin terrifying!!