Sunday, December 6, 2009


On Sunday December 6th, the California International Marathon came to town. This course starts in Folsom and winds it way down to the state capitol. It’s a nice run with a huge turnout of runners and spectators and, my favorite part, it is mostly downhill. The December race date means that the weather is cool, but not cold, perfect for running.

Except this year, it was freezing! Seriously, it snowed in Sacramento the next day.

I ran the third leg of the marathon relay, a 7-mile segment from Fair Oaks and Manzanita down to Fair Oaks and Fulton. Being the third leg, I started almost two hours after the first leg started. And when I started running it was 33 degrees! The worst part was waiting in my running gear for my team member to pass off the timing chip to me. I was wearing long CWX running pants (thanks Dad!), a long sleeve running top, a running jacket that I almost never wear for more than a mile, and a hat and gloves. I kept it all on the whole time. After I started running it wasn’t so bad. About a mile in I didn’t feel cold anymore except when the wind was blowing.

I really enjoyed the run (granted, my leg was pretty easy) and I am even contemplating training for the full marathon next year. Anyone want to train with me?

Here is my self portrait after the race. Dan tried his best to meet me at the finish line, but he missed me again. It’s kind of a running joke now between us. He never makes it to the finish line in time because I keep getting faster! (I don’t know if that last part is true, but he sure is sweet to try and make it.)

See? It really snowed at our house the day after the race!


Leslie said...

i can't believe it snowed!! merry christmas, himmelbergers!

Amy said...

You can totally do a full. You know it!