Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Trip

OK, so I just got the new computer and I am loving it! I am way behind on blog posts, but I must start with today. Today I took the kids sledding. We wanted Daddy to come too, but he was busy working to support our family, so we missed him. We were able to go with two other families though, so we were not alone. Our good friends the Scotts and the Quayles were fun sledding buddies!

We left around noon and drove up 80 to the Kyburz exit. There is a gas station on one side of the freeway and a perfect sledding spot on the other side. As we got closer we started to notice snow on the trees, which was beautiful, and right before we got off the freeway it started snowing! Just a light dusting of snow, but it was very pretty to see and the kids were excited!

After we got outfitted with snowbibs, snow jackets, hats and gloves we climbed up the hill and started the fun. I was most impressed with Ava, my tiny 3-year old girl, who could climb up the hills unassisted, while carrying her snow tube and then slide down the steep hill all by herself! She was fearless and she really flew down those hills! Drew did fantastic too, able to keep up with his buddies even in the high elevation. He did not slow down until we were back in the car.

The girls spent most of their time sledding, but the boys did a little bit of everything: sledding, making and throwing snowballs, hiking through the snow and playing in a little fort. The weather was beautiful, mostly sunny with a little snow here and there. After a couple of hours of fun (with one break to get water and get warmed up in the car) we stopped at the gas station for some hot chocolates and then headed for home. Both kids were so tired they slept most of the way home!
Here are some pictures from our fun day in the snow:

Ava ready for sledding

Mommy and Drew about to go down the hill

Cute little snow bunnies

Keilani and Ava, snow friends

Drew, Eben and Jacob, best buds

Keilani and Ava sledding while Meigan watches

The boys hiking, that's Drew right in the middle

Me and my precious kids

Sledding really takes it out of you! Both kids sleeping on the way home.


Leslie said...

HOW IS THAT COMFORTABLE?? I love how crooked their little heads are. How far away is that exit? Looks like so much fun.

Kate said...

ouch, that would cause some awfully sore necks if us oldies fell asleep that way! super cute!

Laura said...

ok, i'm with leslie...it looks like drew's head is going to fall off! on another note, it a really uncomfortable way, both of those pictures are REALLY cute!

The Portas said...

That looks like a blast! Isn't it crazy how the fresh air always makes kids (adults, too) ready for a nap? Cute pics, thanks so much for sharing!