Friday, May 29, 2009

Drew's Last Day of Preschool

Drew with his teachers, Miss Lori and Miss Brenda

Today was Drew's last day of preschool. After I dropped him off with little gifts of appreciation for his teachers I walked outside and promptly lost my composure. My baby is going to kindergarten! I can't believe it. Two years ago when he started at First Cov he was a very different little boy. Still a sweet, caring and gentle child, but just a little 3-year old. We knew he would be needing another heart surgery soon, but didn't know when. I was scared to send him into a classroom with a bunch of other kids and a bunch of other germs. As a matter of fact, he did end up in the hospital only three weeks after starting school. But his teachers and the director were so wonderful and encouraging to us. They remind me of some of the nurses we have had. It's their job to take care of our children, but they end up taking care of the whole family.

Maybe my tears were closer to the surface because I just visited some newborn babies recovering from heart surgery. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was in their shoes. That I couldn't even imagine what life would look like five years into the future, I could only focus on getting through one day at a time. And now, those five years have flown by! Sure there were weeks spent in the hospital, months spent making difficult decisions, many many hours in various therapies and doctor's appointments. But for the most part, we have a normal, happy life with two precious children. One of whom is going to kindergarten in the fall!

Drew's first day of preschool with Miss Talacey, September 2007


Leslie said...

and yet another milestone. so proud of him!

Jessica said...

Time Flies!

The Portas said...

What a big (cute!) boy. I can't believe he's going to k-garten either, wow! Drew is one of the older heart kids in this little circuit of heart kids, so all of our little ones do/will look up to him. He's like the big brother of heart babes!