Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's hot!

It's finally cooled off! The high today was only 86, but the past three days have been at or over 100 degrees! Which is why it was not good timing for our A/C to break! And our car to break. And the creature that lives in our walls to wake us up every night. I guess it's never really good timing to have a creature living in your walls. Anyway, we've got various people coming to take care of each of these problems, so we're good.

Here's some pictures from the past few days:

Ava had pictures for dance on Saturday morning. How cute is she?

Right after Ava's pictures, Drew had a t-ball game in the 100 degree heat. And he was playing catcher.

We tried to keep cool by swimming at the gym and in our little dinosaur pool in the backyard

Monday afternoon Ava had dance class and Drew wanted to come with me. Look at him hanging out with all the little ballerinas...he's no fool!

And here's a little video of the kids splashing around outside:

Thanks for checking in on us...Have a good week!


Amy, Steve, Molly, Paige and Garrett said...

Oh my goodness! Ava's ballet costume is SO ADORABLE! Could she be any cuter?

The Portas said...

The video is sooo super cute! And Ava could NOT look any cuter in her ballet outfit. What a total cutie pie! Oh, and we get it about things breaking at once. It's such a pain. So far in 2009, we've had to replace: dishwasher, stove, microwave, grill, tv, 2 tires on each of our 2 cars and spark plugs on one of those cars. When it rains it pours!!

Have a great week, you guys! xo

Amber said...

That top picture proves...that you HATE having a girl! ;0)
I LOVE it!!!!
It's finally warming up here...totally in the 70's. :0)

DeAnna said...

Loev the photo of Ava in her costume! The video is cute also, Isabelle could spend hours going down the slide into the pool like Drew and Ava.

Drew and Ava's Grandma said...

Ohhhhh just when I thought they couldn't get any cuter!!! Ava in her costume and Drew in his catcher's mask, you really have the best of both worlds, don't you? We LOVE you and MISS you so much.