Friday, May 8, 2009

Not over-reacting!

Just in case anyone did think I was over-reacting by taking Drew in to see the doctor last week...

The little boy that died from the flu in Texas had an auto-immune disease and a heart defect. Does that sound like anyone we know?

I think that explains why I act like this!

**By the way, he still hasn't fully recovered from his cold. Ava and I got it from him and are already better. He is still coughing at night and sounds congested. It just takes him longer to get over things like this. :(


Laura said...

i love the new pics of drew and ava. your kids are the cutest...that is, the cutest in sacramento. there's a new contender for cute down in the scv. ;)

The Portas said...

And now there was a 30-yr-old with a heart defect who died from the stupid swine flu. FREAKS ME OUT.