Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I guess I'm a little late with my mother's day wishes, but I do hope everyone had a lovely day!

I had a great day with my little family.

First, my amazing husband made me a delicious breakfast and brought me my coffee...but that's pretty much every day. I told you he was amazing!

Then I got to snuggle with my kids and open the presents they made for me at preschool. Drew made me a beautiful vase with jewels on it, and Ava made me a wreath with a picture of her inside of it. And Dan ordered me a new sewing machine! It's on it's way as we speak. He also got me a massage and pedicure, which I can't wait to use!

We all went to church, where we heard a great message about how Mary chose to be a servant of God. After church we went to a Thai place for lunch, went miniature golfing, and then went swimming at the gym. It really was a great day spent with the people I love most!


Kate said...

ooh, a sewing machine? i wonder if someone forwarded dan an email???

The Portas said...

I'm glad you had such a special day and that your family was so good to you!! xo

Leslie said...

hello, gorgeous! that brown polka dress is so cute on you! and ya, the kids are good lookin' too. :)

Amber said...

Andrea!!!! It's so good to see your face again! :0) *My sister on the other side of the country!*