Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dang it!

Despite my best efforts, it seems Drew has caught Ava's cold.

And unfortunately, we are planning to leave tomorrow for a camping trip. This always happens! He never gets sick when we're just hanging out with no plans. Only when we're about to go somewhere or do something fun. We're just hoping it doesn't bother him too much or turn into anything more than a cold. We're still planning to leave tomorrow for our annual HBC Trip with our college friends.

What is HBC? It stands for House Boat Crew. In the spring of 1998 we rented a houseboat with our college friends on Lake Shasta. It was cold! But that summer we tried it again and our yearly tradition was born. Every summer since then we've gotten together at a lake. The lake has changed (now we go to Trinity Lake) and we've stopped getting a houseboat, now we just camp. We've gotten married and started families and still get together every year, like a mini-reunion. Our current trip is much different from our original but we still have a lot of fun! And I really don't want to miss HB10!

HB 7 in 2004

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Jessica said...

I'm so bummed that we're not going! I've missed SO MANY's not right!
Have fun!