Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quick Update

No fever since yesterday around 3pm. It's officially been 24 hours fever-free. Still wondering if other symptoms will show up, but so far so good. I promised if he woke up from his nap with no fever I'd take him swimming, so I really hope he does.

In other news, Ava finally has a top tooth. It cut through a couple of days ago, but you still can't really see it. Once it comes in a little bit I'll post a picture.


Molly said...

Andrea... I'm so glad to hear the Drew seems to be on the mend. We'll pray that the worse of it is over and he gets a clean bill of health.

Anonymous said...

I checked your blog right before leaving work today, and am so happy Drew seems to have fought this one off! Loved the pictures of him saying, "cheese" for the camera in his shark jammies and Ava in her adorable sun suit!

Love, Mom

Mother in Chief said...

Fevers suck. I hate calling the advice line because they always, always want us to come in. Therefore, I hate calling. And I probably wait longer than I should because I already know what they will tell us: come in.

As for Ava, no top teeth?? What about bottom teeth? My boy (who turns 1 on Sunday) has 13 teeth!! Super chompers for a little guy.

Tiffers said...

Hi Andrea. I'm glad to hear Drew's fever is gone. I read your immunology post and when you have time could you email me and give a quick explanation of what questions to ask the doctor. I called to get Harrison's latest results and the nurse sounded like a complete idiot. She asked me what I wanted to know, and I wanted to know everything. Maybe you could tell me what I should be watching. I do know his numbers went up though.

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