Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You Give Me Fever

After a fun-filled weekend including two toddler birthday parties and an adult birthday party, Drew felt warm Sunday night. We gave him some motrin and he slept fine til morning. He was acting normal until he fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 in the morning. Most unusual. We let him sleep and he woke up at ten and had a fever of 101. Normally I would call the doctor immediately, but he didn't have any other symptoms and acted fine once the fever was down. So I gave him some more motrin and waited. He ate a good lunch and seemed happy until about 2 when his fever was back at 101.4. So I called the doctor, mainly to see if I could alternate tylenol and motrin since the fever was breaking through and we still had at least two hours before I could give more motrin. The nurse said, "Don't we normally see him for fevers?" and I said, "yeah..." Sometimes I wonder if they want to see us just because I call, or if they really do want to see him. I think maybe its both. I guess because of their immune systems kids with DiGeorge need to be seen for fever because it could indicate a more serious infection that they might have trouble fighting.

Anyway, we went to the doctor, and he thinks it was the "birthday party exposure" from Friday where I heard there was a child who had roseola recently. Drew's already had that so I thought he was immune, but the doctor said there are many summer viruses that include a fever and a rash and sometimes they call it roseola when it is not actually the specific roseola virus. He wanted to do a blood culture "just to be safe" but I objected to that idea. He had what most would consider a low fever and I didn't want to make him undergo a painful stick. We agreed that if he was still feverish today I would call and we might go back in. He was feverish all day yesterday and kept telling me he wanted to go swimming. (I ended up giving him three baths instead.) The nurse on the phone heard him say it and then the doctor was laughing because he said it through our entire visit. He also kept saying "I'm hot" and "I have shark jammies." He slept well last night with motrin and so far this morning seems ok. We will watch and wait and hope it goes away all by itself.

This was our first doctor visit since Dr. P left. We saw Dr. Bullen who is our next favorite at that practice so that was good. We also got a chance to meet Dr. Jain who is replacing Dr. P. We just barely met her, but she seems nice and I'm glad I've at least got a face to put with her name.

See, he doesn't look sick!

Ava helping with the puzzle


Isabelle's Mommy said...

I am so sorry Drew is sick, I hope he gets better real soon! Call us if you need anything!

Valerie said...

Hi there,

Sorry Drew is feeling pokey. FYI, Carl called home last night and he admitted 2 children with Croup (this time of the year??), they are pretty sick kiddos.

Keep us updated.


Dina said...

Hope Drew is feeling better and it's nothing more than a little bug.