Thursday, July 19, 2007

Caught being cute

I haven't posted since the Triathlon. We've had a busy week.

Monday-I went for a bike ride in the morning then volunteered at the Greenhouse. Stopped by the grocery store on the way home. Then hosted a Creative Memories workshop in the evening.
Tuesday-Took Drew to see Flushed Away (gotta love free kids movies) during Ava's nap. Then had lunch and went to play with Jacob and Keilani. Swam some laps at the gym during the kids naps. Went on a date with my husband. Fell asleep during the movie.
Wednesday-Took the kids with me to the gym. Ran four miles, then sat in the spa. Drew had two accidents while we were there. :( Swam with the kids then had Eben and Shae and Devin come play at our house. Tried to convince the kids to pick up peaches, but they resisted. Grandma Honey arrived and entertained the kids while I went to Costco.
Today-Think I'll try to sneak off to the gym while Ava is napping and Grandma plays with Drew. Then I've got cleaning & laundry to do before Life Group tonight. Oh and Grandma and I might make an apple pie.

Here's some cute pictures of the kids from this month...

I have a picture of Drew playing in the dishwasher when he was a baby too

My little comedian

Drinking their morning bottles

Wrapped up after swimming (Ava wasn't ready to get out)

Snuggling with the big bear

Ava eating a peach she found on the ground

This is how we found Drew outside

Ava and her friend Keilani (Ava is a month older)

Grandma Honey giving Ava a ride on her walker


Valerie said...
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kate, highly offended (and kidding) said...

supercute of course, but i *did* notice that you left out a major development that occurred right around 6 o'clock yesterday...

Anonymous said...

Great photos of the cutest kids and G.G.H. in the world!!!!

rose said...

what a fun week! i'm so proud of you and all the workouts you're squeezing in! you go sister!
love the dishwasher pic and drew asleep in the backyard-too precious.

Kristina said...

Ok I want to know what happened right around 6 yesterday???? Great pictures Andrea! I especially love the one with Drew totally asleep in the chair