Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last Day of Kindergarten!

Oh my gosh. How did this happen? Drew's last day of kindergarten! That means he is now first-grader. A grade-schooler. A big kid. Gosh this year went by fast!

On the last day of kindergarten Drew's school held a Kinder Olympics and I got to be there to help out! It was a lot of fun for the kids. They had about 12 stations and they spent about ten minutes at each one. I was working the jump rope station and let me tell you, there are not very many kindergarteners that can jump rope very well!

After they completed each station they gathered together and received their gold medals and popsicles on the playground. We took lots of pictures and there were some moms, though I'm not naming any names, who were misty-eyed. It may have happened to me when Drew and his best friend Alex were posing for a picture together. I told them to "say first grade!" and then realized what I was saying and got a little teary.

We've had a wonderful year with Mrs. Geddes as his teacher and Drew has done so well. He put a lot of effort into his homework each night and it has paid off. His writing has greatly improved and he's reading well enough that he is going to be a late reader next year. He got a great report card and we couldn't be more proud of him!

At the horseshoe station

Doing the water relay

Playing catch with the velcro pads with Shane

Hula Hooping


Drew's Class

Drew and his buddy Alex

Enjoying their popsicles and gold medals

Walking off the kindergarten yard for the last time (sniff!)

Bringing home the class pet-a walking stick!

And for comparison, Drew's first day of school-August 24, 2009

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