Friday, June 25, 2010

Ava's 4 year check up

My baby girl had her four year old check up this week and she was so brave. I have an honesty policy when it comes to Dr. visits so when she asked if she would be getting shots I had to tell her yes. She was very distraught at the thought of this and cried and asked lots of questions. I gave her the play by play of what would happen during her visit, from weighing and measuring, to talking with the Dr., to the nurse coming in and giving shots at the end. She seemed to get her head around it and once it came time for the actual shots she watched them do it and didn't even make ONE peep! What a brave girl she is! We did bring the bubbles to calm her and distract her from the shots and that seemed to help a bit, but she managed to spill most of the bottle on the floor. Note to self-next time bring the smallest bottle of bubbles you can find.

So her vitals are: 40 3/4 inches tall (66%) and 32 lbs 12 oz (27%). The doctor said she is growing fine, she's just small and that she is finally on the BMI chart now! They also tested her hearing, which was great and her vision, which wasn't as great. Apparently she has 20/50 vision in both eyes! They suggested that we take her to see an optometrist so they can test her again.

She can't see so good...

but she can hear just fine!

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