Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Camping

Last weekend we went camping with some good friends at the Kings River. My friend Jamie and her family have been camping at the same place for years~even before we were born~and the tradition continues now with their kids and grandkids (and their kids friends) all joining them. It is a lot of fun and we try to meet them there at least once each summer. This year the trip happened to fall on Father's Day weekend, so Dan was a great sport, even though camping is not his favorite. What a great Daddy he is! Willing to do something his family enjoys even on his special day. My dad also decided to make the drive up and meet us there to spend some time with his grandkids.

Our kids love camping! They love sleeping in the tent, playing all day, going to bed late and eating s'mores. This trip they even got to go on some boat rides and the campground had a large inflatable waterslide and playground for them to enjoy too. Jamie's mom always takes care of the main meals so we only have to bring our own snacks and drinks, and they have the RV right there in case there is the need for a late night bathroom trip. It's pretty much the perfect camping situation! Add in the fact that I get to spend time with my best friend and her family and it's a no brainer!

I want to thank Caren and Gary so much for always making us feel a part of their family and inviting us to go on their fun adventures!

Drew and Ashley on the beach

Ava building a sand castle

Ava and Grandpa Mark on the boat

Daddy and Drew on the boat

Mommy and Ava (with her mouth full of crackers)

Ava on the rope swing

Drew on the rope swing

Drew helping Gary drive the boat

Ava taking a much needed afternoon nap in the tent

Mommy, Ava and Baby Lexi

Me and Dan enjoying the weather

Ava and Grandpa

Ava in her pjs, playing in the morning

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