Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drive In

We have decided to have as much fun as possible this summer and we thought it would be really fun to take the kids to a drive in movie. There is a drive in theater in Sacramento, about 20 minutes from our house and they were showing Toy Story 3. We wanted to take the kids to see the movie anyway and thought it would be great to just get them in their jammies and watch it from the back of our van. They were excited to go see the movie and even more excited to eat the popcorn and candy that we brought with us! We went on a Tuesday which is their bargain day so we all got to see the movie for only $10.50! That's like one adult admission at the regular theater! Once we got there and got all set up with our chairs in the back of the van and the kids with their sleeping bags and pillows we just had to wait for it to get dark. The movie didn't start until about 9:05 and we weren't sure if the kids would make it through the whole movie. Ava didn't--somewhere in the middle she said "I'm tired. I want to go to sleep." So we told her to just close her eyes and sleep in the van and she did! Drew saw the whole thing, but I fell asleep for a few minutes! It was a very cute movie and we had a great time. Next time though, we'll go when it gets dark a little earlier.

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