Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great Cardiology Check-up

Today Drew had his routine cardiology check-up with Dr. Parrish. We hadn't been for six months and usually I get nervous before these appointments, but not this time. Drew has just been doing so well and I'm feeling more confident that I would be able to recognize if there was something problematic going on. Dr. Parrish came in and talked with us and listened to Drew's heart. Then a med student he is working with came in and asked some questions and listened to Drew's distinct murmur. I always enjoy talking with the medical students (unless we are actually in the hospital, then I want to talk to an attending!). I feel like I usually know more than they do about Drew's heart and think it's a very good learning experience for them.

Drew had an echo and he did such a good job. He is a such a great patient! After the echo Dr. Parrish came back into the room and scared me a little bit. He started talking seriously and said "so, let's discuss what the echo showed us..." Um, that's a little bit scary. But then he said "Drew's heart function is outstanding." Woo Hoo! Just what I like to hear! He has a little bit of turbulence where the conduit meets the left PA but that has been there since the surgery and is not increasing, so it is no problem at all. I think he would have given us a whole year before we had to come back, but I was a little uneasy with that idea, so we are going back in 9 months (our longest break between appointments ever!) and I will call if I have any concerns.

Drew got an awesome prize for doing so well during the echo-A Star Wars play set! He loves it! The echo tech gave it to him and said she has special Star Wars prizes that used to belong to her husband. He said she could give them out to kids who love and appreciate Star Wars-and Drew definitely qualifies!

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Kate said...

awesome! was it dina that did the echo? her husband hugo is a huge sci fi lover...