Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Quotables

Last night while we were trick or treating, the kids said some things that made me and Dan just crack up. I wanted to record them here so we can remember them.

At one house, as they were getting their candy Drew says
"What's wrong with your house?!"
Apparently, they were doing some remodeling.

Along the way the kids were asking us what kind of candy was our favorite. Then at the next house we went to they offered Drew some peanut M&Ms. At which point he said:
"Hey, my Dad likes these!"

Along a particularly dark stretch (no street lights in our neighborhood), Drew said that it was pretty dark and he was a little bit afraid of the dark. We told him not to be afraid because his parents were with him, and Ava pipes in:
"I'm not afraid of the dark, ever!"
Which is interesting, since she's been asking us to leave the hall light on at bedtime recently.

Another house that had some spooky spiderweb decorations across the entrance looked too scary for Drew to go to the door. Ava said she wasn't scared. So as she's marching up to the front door, Drew asks her from the driveway:
"Ava, will you get me some candy from that house?"
I convinced him to go to the door himself, but stood close by for protection.

As we walked up to one house there was a trick or treater at the door and his mom was waiting on the sidewalk. Drew looked up at her and said
"Thank you!"
To which she looked at me and said "Did he just say thank you to me?" Yeah, it must be all the "Don't forget to say thank you!" reminders.

Then, this morning Ava wanted to dump out all her candy. I asked her if she wanted to sort it and she said yes. There was a piece of trash in there and she asked me to throw it away. I said I thought she could do it. And she says to me:
"Well, I have a lot of candy to sort up."

Something both kids did that was very sweet though, was ask us what candy was our favorite. Then when they got one of those, they would immediately give it to us. It warmed my heart that on a holiday known for greed, gluttony, and hoarding, that they so willingly shared with us. I love those sweeties!

Sorting up their candy


DeAnna said...

LOVE it!! such sweethearts!!

Leslie said...

they are so freaking precious

Frizzy said...

I love our kids! They crack me up!

Gina and the Gang said...

What a great mom! You found a way to incorporate math into Halloween. I think I have a lot of "sorting up" to do!!!

Kathy said...

You guys have too much fun!!!

That's VERY smart of you to document all those funny sayings. I keep trying to remember to do it...then I forget...and those cute phrases are lost in my mind forever. BRAVO mama!

I hope they weren't on too much of a sugar high today!

JABBY said...

i can just hear them saying all of those things! too cute :)
jack gave me all his Jr. Mints because he knows they're my favorite. abby however-not so much!

The Portas said...

VERY cute stories! You have two sweet, precious kiddos there.

Drew and Ava's Grandma said...

I love those sweeties, too! And I love their great mommy and daddy who continue to teach them, appreciate them for who they are, and love them to pieces. This post warmed my grandma heart. Thanks!