Friday, November 13, 2009

H1N1 Shot: Check!

I am so happy to share with you that Drew got his H1N1 vaccine on Wednesday!

Phew! What a relief!

Since it's still not available at his doctor's office I bet you're wondering how we got it...

Enter Dr. Teimor Nasirov, heart surgeon extraordinaire!

Teimor and his family

Teimor (he makes us call him by his first name, he's that kind of guy!) heard about the difficulties heart parents are having finding this vaccine that is so highly recommended for our high risk kids and decided to do something about it. He let us know that he would get the vaccine we needed for our heart kids and he held a clinic for Hearts of Hope families on Wednesday. Isn't that amazing?!

So, on Wednesday we joined about 10 other heart families at the doctor's office and waited for our turn for the shot. Surprisingly, Drew wasn't excited about getting a shot as I was. But he was distracted by playing with some of his buddies in the waiting room. When it was our turn to go in Drew and Casey wanted to go in together. So Gina (Casey's mom) and I went in with our two boys while our girls waited in the waiting room. Teimor's wife was administering the vaccine since she is a pediatrician and has more experience giving shots. She was awesome! Neither one of our boys cried at all or even winced! She used this awesome trick of having them blow bubbles while she gave the shot. I don't know if she is just amazing at giving injections, or if having a friend there distracted them or if it was the bubbles, but it was the easiest shot experience we've ever had!

And now I can rest a little bit easier knowing that Drew has some protection against the H1N1 virus.

Drew and Casey playing in the waiting room

And showing us their band-aids after being so brave!

Drew with his reward-a chocolate donut!

Ava got a reward too, even though she didn't get her shot yet. But she's next!


Leslie said...

note to self, bring bubbles to next doctor's appt.

Vanessa said...

What an awesome surgeon! We got the first shot and hope the health depart has more in a few weeks to get the 2nd shot.

Amber said...

YaY! I'm so glad you were able to get's so crazy how difficult it is to get it in some places. Madness!
Great job Drew!!!

JABBY said...

love that dr. !

The Portas said...

What an amazing heart surgeon you have! Also really great that Drew has a little heart bud to go through all the good (and bad) things with. I love that!

I'm so glad Drew got his shot. PHEW, right??

Anonymous said...

Just curious are the doctors suggesting two vaccines for your children? My daughter has TOF and she has already received one H1N1 shot. I was under the impression she will need a second dose.