Monday, November 23, 2009

H1N1 Shot: Check Check!

Ava got her H1N1 flu shot last week too. UCD got some in on Monday so we headed over straight after gymnastics. We brought some bubbles with us and we turned out to be the hit of Avathe hallway! Although we thought we had a 10:30 appointment time, it was more like a clinic with a handful of us all having appointments at the same time. So there was a bit of a wait and we passed the time blowing bubbles! Ava was so sweet, she shared with all the other kids who were waiting, making sure that each child had a turn. And when it was her turn for her shot, she did great! No crying at all! And, my sweet girl decided to leave her bubbles there so that the nurse could use them for the other kids. I love her so much!

I don't have a recent picture of just Ava, so here's one of both kids "teamworking"


Kate said...

lol, drew looks comfortable.

ps check check!

The Portas said...

What tender hearts BOTH of your kids have. I love it!

Phew, another h1n1 shot down. Sounds like Ava did great!

Leslie said...

We got ours yesterday @ jamie's dad's office and I tried to channel my inner-drew to be brave for the shot.