Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

Last night we had a fun family night. We started the evening with carving pumpkins. The kids were so excited, they kept asking all afternoon if it was time to carve them yet. We started out by cutting off the tops and scooping out the guts. Both kids helped a little bit with the scooping. Then we drew our faces on. After Dan drew the face that Ava requested on her pumpkin she proceeded to draw all over it, making it difficult for him to see which lines to cut. This year was the first year we let Drew do a little of the carving himself, using a special pumpkin cutter and with close adult supervision, of course! Once they were all finished we put a candle in each one and looked at our spooky jack o'lanterns in the dark. Then we talked about how Jesus scoops out our icky goopy insides and then puts his light inside of us.

We saved the pumpkin seeds and baked them. We made four different flavors. The salt & pepper and garlic salt are our favorites. We also made seasoned salt and cinnamon sugar. After the pumpkins were finished we had pizza and pumpkin pie for dinner. Everyone was happy! And after that we watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown."

Ava scooping out the seeds

Drew doing some scooping

Drew carving his own pumpkin!

Ava's finished pumpkin, with her lovely drawing

Our jack o'lanterns outside on the porch

Today has been filled with fun halloween things too. Like jack o'lantern pancakes for breakfast and pumpkin and ghost sandwiches for lunch. Tonight we are heading over to a friend's house for dinner, then doing some trunk or treating at a local church, and if we have any energy left, some trick or treating around the neighborhood before we all fall into bed exhausted and high on sugar!

Fun jack o'lantern pancakes

pumpkin and ghost sandwiches

Best dogs ever, plus cute kids in halloween shirts sitting on them

Ava is going as a cow this year

Drew is going as Darth Vader

Happy Halloween from the Himmelbergers!


Katie Scott said...

So fun! I love the part about how Jesus cleans out our icky insides and lets His light shine! Great!!!

Drew and Ava's Grandma said...

What icky insides do my little angels have?

Kacie said...

What a great analogy of Jesus cleaning out our icky insides and putting His light inside. Hadn't heard that one before, and I like it!

We had a similar fun night last night...had some neighbors over for some pumpkin carving and then my boys watched It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown before bed!

Leslie said...

great pics! and who doesn't like eggs, dan? sheesh...they're a staple item here.

The Portas said...

What fun traditions for your little family. How fun! The kids look great in their costumes.

You guys are always so festive and fun. And I loved your Jesus analogy with the pumpkin guts. Very clever (and true)!