Monday, August 31, 2009

Leave Me Here!

Tomorrow is Ava's first day of preschool.

Friday was her orientation, where the kids get to go visit the classroom and meet their teachers and classmates. It's only 45 minutes long and the parents stay with them. Ava is pretty independent and she knew some kids from her Super 2s class from last year, so she was comfortable walking around the classroom, painting a picture, playing with play doh and playing dress up. Before we left, I let her play outside on the structure for a few minutes. But when I told her it was time to go she looked at me and said "No! Leave me here!" I tried to explain that I would leave her there next week, but this time she needed to come home with me. She said it again and was really upset that she didn't get to stay. She is so funny! I guess she'll do great tomorrow!

Painting with Kiley and Sierra

Circle Time


Amber said...

Oh my goodness...she is too cute! She looks just like you. :0)
In that last that a very pregnant woman in the background???? :0)
Have so much fun at pre-school Ava!

Leslie said...

pretty adorable and i was going to say the same thing as amber; that she looks so much like you!

JABBY said...

i love our independent girls!!! makes things so much easier :)the alternative is pulling her off of your leg while she's crying...
have a great first day ava!!
aunty rose :)

Amy, Steve, Molly, Paige and Garrett said...

Let's pray that Molly feels the same way about school this Thursday. I'm nervous just thinking about it!

Kathy said...

Where did your baby go??
I saw her first day pic on facebook...she couldn't look any cuter or happier!

Whatever will you do with yourself now?? I can't even imagine a nice, quiet moment to myself. You've given me hope that it WILL happen one day!

Laura said...

ava rules. :)

The Portas said...

That is so funny and cute. Leave me here, Mama! :) I guess you don't have to worry about her having a fun time.