Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ava's First Day as a Happy Butterfly

My big girl had her first day of preschool yesterday! She did great, as I expected. :) She's just so independent, she's never given me any trouble when I need to drop her off somewhere. She walked in and got right to work with a puzzle. She did give me a bit of an attitude when I wanted to take her picture though! But I wasn't too surprised. :) Anyway, she had a good day and is so excited to go back to school tomorrow with her butterfly friends. I am excited for another day with a few hours to myself!

Ava at school

Ava with her teachers


Kristina said...

Man it is a good thing she is not in the Sad Butterfly classroom. I hear that class is not fun.
YAY!! for Ava's first day and Yay!! for mommy and a well deserved break.

The Portas said...

Speaking of butterflies, it sounds like Ava is going to be a little social butterfly. It's great that she adapts so well and is so comfortable wherever she goes. What a little cutie. I'm so glad she had a good first day. xo