Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer So Far

Phew! We've had a really busy and really fun summer so far! What a difference from last year, when we spent all of June inside the walls of a hospital.

We've been enjoying the beautiful, cooler than normal, weather! We've taken a couple of family bike rides down to the park and brought a picnic dinner with us.

Drew riding his bike

Ava got tired of riding her tricycle and pulled it in the wagon instead

The first three weeks of summer Drew was attending summer preschool and loved playing with his friends! Then I had him signed up for two weeks of VBS at two different churches. The first week he was at Arcade Church and Ava was old enough to go too! Which meant that I had three free hours each day that week! I mostly went to the gym, so it wasn't too exciting, but I did get a pedicure in with a friend too.

Drew and Jacob at Crocodile Dock

Ava and Keilani at the park after VBS one afternoon

Drew also took two weeks of swim lessons so far this summer. He's a little fish and is doing great! He's working on learning how to take a side breath and has made huge improvements since last year! Ava told me she didn't want to take swim lessons, so she and I have been swimming together during Drew's lessons. It was a lot of fun to swim every afternoon for two weeks, and we are all turning a nice shade of brown!

Drew practicing his big arms

practicing his back float-he tends to sink!

Kicking with the kickboard

Ava, my bathing beauty!

The River Cats were generous enough to donate tickets to our HOH support group and our family enjoyed a fun night at Raley Field. We had great seats right next to the River Cats dugout. Drew watched the game for a while, then became obsessed with all the vendors walking up and down the aisles. We indulged him and after the kids ate their hotdogs, we let Drew buy ice cream (a hit!) and cotton candy (a miss!). We also visited the kids area, which was surprisingly affordable. The weather was perfect too, and was even a little on the cool side for the end of the game.

Our family watching the game and enjoying their dogs

Raley Field with the beautiful tower bridge in the background

This post just about covers June, we've got more fun coming up! I still need to write about the kids first sleepover and the Fourth of July! I hope everyone is having lots of fun this summer!


Ava's Mommy said...

Hooray for a healthy Drew and summer fun! :)

The Portas said...

What fun, you guys! I love all the pics, especially Drew swimming and Ava in her cute sunglasses! I am soo so happy that you have been out enjoying yourselves as opposed to last year's June. I love summer! xo