Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Drive-In

Ready for the movie to start!

Earlier this week we thought it would be fun to take the kids to a drive-in movie. Ava's only been to one movie so far and I thought this would be a good way to see a movie and not worry that the kids were moving around and talking too loudly. Drew's been wanting to see Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs so we decided to go for it! Wednesday night we packed up the kids in their jammies, a bunch of blankets and pillows for the back of the van, lots of snacks and a cooler for the adults. :)

The movie started at nine (it's got to be dark to see the screen), so both kids had naps that day. They did pretty good and really liked watching the movie from the back of our car. We enjoyed popcorn, starbursts and junior mints while we watched. Both kids watched the whole thing and I am the only one who feel asleep! And it was super cheap! Only $6.75 for adults, $1 for kids 5-11 and Ava was free. I totally recommend bringing the family to the drive-in this summer!

Ava excited on the way there!

Drew and his doggy on the way to the movie

Cozy in the back of the van

Drew took this close up of us


Amber said...

So fun!!!!
We love the drive in :0)
You've inspired us....perhaps we will try to make it happen before the baby comes home....hmmm...

Leslie said...

how was the movie itself? did the kids stay awake for it? v.cute summer tradition. i remember having to hide in the back to keep costs down even further; which i now realize is a terrible moral to teach a kid. :)

The Portas said...

How fun!! What a special treat. I'm glad everyone had fun! We have a drive-in theater close to our home that I've always wanted to check out. Maybe once we can get Elijah to stay up past 7:00.