Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our First Slumber Party

Drew in his VBS shirt

Drew had another week of VBS at First Covenant, where he attended preschool. It was another fun week with friends and learning about Jesus. At the end of the week they have a family fun night, with bbq, bounce houses and water slides. It also happened to be our friends the Quayles' tenth anniversary. So we took their two older kids to the bbq and then back to our house for a sleep over, so mom and dad could enjoy a date night (their grandparents watched the baby).

Drew climbing up the big slide (He was too fast on the way down for me to get a picture!)

Ava coming down the slide

The kids enjoyed some time at the bbq, but we didn't stay too long, it was one of the hotter days this month, about 105 I believe. We picked up some A & W on the way home and ate our meal inside where it was cool! Then we put on a movie for the kids, Veggie Tales The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. I told them they could stay up and watch the movie as long as they were quiet. They did well for about a half hour, then the girls couldn't stay quiet any longer! I put them to bed in Ava's room and they acted just like teenagers. They were talking and giggling and NOT sleeping! After about an hour I finally separated them (I didn't want Keilani to go home in the morning with NO sleep!) and they went to sleep. I guess at 3 they are a little young for sleepovers!

The boys did great though. They watched the movie quietly, then got ready for bed and went right to sleep. Everyone was up by about 6:30 though. We made a pancake breakfast for them and let them play for a little while before mom came and got them. Overall I think it went very well and am looking forward to more sleep overs in the future!

Everyone watching the movie

Jacob and Drew relaxing and sharing a blanket during the movie

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The Portas said...

The boys are SO cute snuggled up together watching the movie. I love it! Elijah can sit and watch the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything from start to finish. Must not be a girls' flick!

I'm glad it was fun and that the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves into the wee hours. :)