Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Little Friendly Competition

You know what one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday when it's 105 degrees outside is? Going outside and playing volleyball! Well, not exactly my favorite thing to do, but it's what we did today. Our life group was challenged by another life group to a volleyball tournament. Since we at TNLG (thursday night life group-yes, we're very creative) are up for any challenge, we accepted!

It was super hot, the court was muddy and there was lots of slipping and sliding. We also had some fabulous spectators, including members of our group who kept us cool with spray bottles. We had a great time and won all three games we played, earning us the Golden Spatula and the title of Life Group Champions! Great job team!

Our team accepting the Golden Spatula

Top-Justin, Rob, Andrea, Dan, Andrew
Bottom-Tony and Pete with our ribbons

Second place is good too!


Kate said...

sorry i couldn't be there to see it all go down and insist that the title of THE thursday night life group now goes to us!

Leslie said...

looks so fun + amazing!!

Katie Scott said...

I am proud to be a TNLG member!!! Way to be the team mom, Andrea!!! Go team!

Frizzy said...

I didn't know you all play volleyball. My husband and I love to play and have been looking for another couple to play against or with. Do you play indoor too or have a membership to CA Family Fitness?

Laura said...

ahhh...just like old times. now all you need is a softball tournament and you're set! :)