Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Polar Express

Saturday was our 7th annual holiday party. Every year since we've been married we host a Christmas party for our friends and we always include an ornament exchange. It started out as a party for our college friends (we were fresh out of college), and usually ended up with some spending the night or some getting sick...Now we're all grown up and we don't usually end the night that way anymore! We had a great time celebrating with all of our friends who came from near and far. (pictures to follow)

My parents came up to take the kids for the evening so we could have a kid-free Christmas party. It was so nice to have them visit and to take the kids off our hands so we could do the last minute party preparations without distraction. We ended up getting some Polar Express tickets so they were able to take the kids to do that Saturday afternoon. From what I hear they had a great time on the train, waved at everyone they saw out the window, listened to the story and even allowed Santa to get close enough for a picture! Then they rang their bells the entire drive to my aunt's house in Sutter Creek, where they all stayed the night! I'm glad they were with the grandparents for that!


The Portas said...

Ava doesn't look so sure... :)

What good grandparents! It's so nice to have people like that to help out and genuinely enjoy time with your kids. I'm glad you guys had a nice evening, too!

Amy, Steve, Molly and the twins said...

That picture with Santa and Ava cracks me up. She's leaning back and thinking, "I'm not too sure about this big dude..."