Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

Even though it wasn't Christmas eve, I wanted to include last weekend when my parents and sister were here visiting, because it was the kickoff of Chritmas eve. We started off last Sunday by attending a Christmas eve service at Bayside. This is a HUGE church that has 13 Christmas eve services beginning the Thursday before Christmas. They say they expect to have 30,000 people attend their Christmas eve services this year. Dan and I went by ourselves last year and it was a pretty incredible show. The music is awesome, complete with 7 lit Christmas trees that flash in rhythm with the music. Here is a short video if you'd like to get a taste of the service:

Afterwards we all went out to dinner, then looked at some Christmas lights. It was a really fun way to celebrate Christmas with my family since we couldn't be with them on Christmas.

On the real Christmas eve we just had a fun day at home. Ava would not take off her tutu that Kathy sent her (thank you so much!). She wore it most of the day and enjoyed twirling around the kitchen in it. We decorated some sugar cookies to leave for Santa and then baked a birthday cake for Jesus together. Later that evening we attended another Christmas Eve service, this time at First Covenant, but I think we have been spoiled forever by Bayside's service. Afterwards our lovely friend Kate joined us for our traditional Christmas eve dinner of lasagna, Italian green beans and garlic bread. Yummy! After dinner we read some Christmas stories, opened a few presents and set out the treats for Santa. Finally, Dan read The Night Before Christmas to the kids before they went to bed.

Ava in tutu heaven

Baking a birthday cake

Family Photo after church

Cookies for Santa (and some birthday cake)

Reading before bed


DeAnna said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas!! I love that you left Santa some Birthday cake!!

Merry Christmas!

Shannon said...

What beautiful pictures. I am glad you had a lovely day at home. We also stayed home (after being away at Thanksgiving) and really appreciated the pace and ease of being together.

My kids would have loved a train but we don't have any room around the tree!