Friday, December 26, 2008

Best Christmas Ever!

We had such a wonderful Christmas! When Drew was about 2 years old Dan and I decided that we wanted our kids to wake up in their own homes on Christmas morning. Up until then, we had been alternating which side of the family we spent Christmas with and would bring our gifts to their houses. Since we established that tradition in our own family I have to admit that I've sometimes felt a little sad about missing out on Christmas with my family in Southern California, and I'm sure Dan misses being with his family to celebrate as well. But this year we were able to see how amazing Christmas can be at home with just the four of us.

The kids slept in until 7:45--a Christmas miracle! Then Drew wanted to go see if Santa had come. He went to wake up Ava and she said "I don't want to say hi to Santa!" We explained that he had just come and left presents and was no longer in the house! She is too funny! When we got to the living room we saw that Santa had left a train around the Christmas tree! Both kids were excited about that! Then they opened their stockings and Santa presents--a big blue dinosaur for Drew and dress up trunk for Ava.

We opened the rest of our presents, with Drew playing Santa. He could figure out who each present was for and brought them to us. Ava was definitely the slowest opener, she preferred to play with each toy after it was opened and would move on to the next present only after she was finished playing. But, since we didn't have to go anywhere, she could! After we finished opening presents we had a yummy Christmas breakfast of scones and fruit. Then we stayed in our jammies all day and just played with all the toys and games. When Ava took her nap Drew got to watch a movie and we all had such a fun, relaxing day. Around 4 I finally got dressed and started cooking our Christmas dinner, ham and potatoes au gratin. It was the most awesome, perfect Christmas that I could have hoped for and made us realize why we wanted to keep our family at home in the first place.

Drew checking out the train that Santa brought

Ava opening her stocking

Drew loves his new dino!

Ava dressed up in various princess dresses all morning

I've got my coffee and my stocking...I'm ready for Christmas morning

Dan got a certificate for car washes in his stocking

The kids got matching guitars from Auntie and Uncle Thomas

A music video starring Drew & Ava

Drew in his new robe

Ava in her new robe

I got a Garmin Forerunner!

The aftermath

Drew watching his train go around and around

My fancy new running pants-I'm going to be so fast!

Christmas dinner

My favorite stocking item-a sparkly travel mug!


Amy, Steve, Molly and the twins said...

Sounds like a fabulous Christmas! Merry Christmas Himmels!

The Portas said...

Oh my goodness, it looks like you all had such an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas! What fun. I would like to start the Christmas Day at home tradition, too. I always did that growing up and it was so cozy comfy and fun.

I'm so happy to hear what a good day you had together. I loove the guitar video. Too cute! ooxxo

The Smith's said...

What a wonderful Christmas! We, too, have decided that when Luke is 3 we will start having Christmas mornings at home. I'm glad you had such a great day and after Drew's summer I'm sure that Christmas was even extra special this year.

And oh my goodness, I LOVE my Garmin!!! Have fun with it!

Jesse (Luke's mom)

Kate said...

i didn't see the vid on this post till today! it's SO cute, and drew's pretty good too. ava: "we're good thingers!" hahaha i like her so much! okay, enough exclamations now.