Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Christmas Celebrations

The day after Christmas we got packed up and drove out to the Bay Area to visit Dan's family. We stayed with his mom and brother. When we got there the kids opened more presents and we had Chinese food for dinner. YUM! The kids were spoiled and played with their toys the rest of the night. The next day Grandma Kathy had gotten tickets to see Walking with the Dinosaurs so we all went to see it. It was a really cool show. The dinos were huge and loud! Drew required his ears to be covered during the perfomance, but really enjoyed watching it all. Ava wasn't as bothered by the noise, because she fell asleep in my lap at the very end, when the Mama T. Rex comes and saves her baby! Sunday we celebrated with Dan's dad and went to his house to open even more presents. I was worried the kids would think they got presents every day! But it was nice to have so many people to celebrate with. We had planned to visit LPCH while we were there, but Drew had a bit of a cold so we thought it would be better not to go this time. Hopefully we can visit next time.

While we were there Dan and I were lucky enough to get quite a bit of alone time. Every morning we would take a walk to Starbucks to get our morning coffee. We did some shopping at all the great sales. We both got new shoes and found a couple of other deals. We also had a nice date night, enjoying a good meal at a steak house and then walking through downtown Palo Alto. Another night we joined some friends for drinks after the kids were in bed and we even had a chance to get a run in while we were there. It was a really nice vacation! Don't worry the kids had fun too! They got to go the park twice, see the dino show, go to the Children's Musuem & Zoo and play with Grandma and Uncle Scott!

The kids with Grandma

Drew ready to open some presents

Ava opening a present at Grandma's

The kids with Grandpa

A big stegosaurus

Drew sitting with Grandma

Ava sitting with Mommy

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The Portas said...

You guys do so many fun things!! Lots of Christmas fun...I'm so glad that you and Dan got some quality alone time, too. My Dan and I need that right about now!